Yes, If your country is not listed please email me so that I may add it to the list of countries I sell from..
I have tons of patterns. Just send me an email and I will check to see if I have the one you are looking for. I will email you an answer back as soon as possible.
Yes, I will be happy to combine mailing costs. For the US, it is usually about 50 cents more per pattern.
If you purchase more than one item and go ahead and pay for it immediately, I will enclose a refund with your package if the mailing cost charged is too much. You may also contact me through my email that you would like to purchase an item and I will send you an invoice with the correct mailing cost for more than one item. lastade@isp.com
I actually send the real pattern booklet when someone buys an old pattern. Even though copyright has expired on many old patterns, and I could just scan and make pdf files, I think the customer should have the actual original book. A scan doesn't do it justice. I love to spend time looking through old patterns and thinking about what to make next. I guess I am nostalgic because alot of the patterns were taught to me by my grandmother and great-grandmother. As I add my own designs, I will send them the modern way through pdf, until I have time to put together a booklet. I teach high school and have to fit in crocheting time between grading papers.
You may email me to let me know which patterns or items you wish to buy. I will place them on hold and send you an invoice. Please specify which type of payment you prefer in your email.
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